What would you tell younger you?

Published On March 19, 2015 | By Julie B | Afternoons

If you could tell your younger self one thing — or a bunch of things — what would they be?

I think I would tell younger me to start moisturizing earlier.  To invite people over more often, despite the kids and dust everywhere!  To eat fewer potato chips….but to really enjoy them when you do.  To get healthy sooner.  But more important than any of that would be:  be kind to yourself. (And perhaps that’s what all of the previous things are about as well…)

Oh, and make sure you’re not just hungry before you start yelling about that mess.  To be fair, I should just tell younger me not to worry about the mess….because I’m rarely hungry, to be honest.  And THAT’s just one sign of a pretty good life.

The link will take you to a Huffington Post article in which the author, Rob Mitchell, envisions meeting up with his 19- and 29-year-old selves.  It’s well-written and insightful.  Some in today’s world might say it’s a bit long, but it’s worth the read.

Enjoy, and say hey to the 80s for me…(or the 90s.)

Coffee With Old Friends


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