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Published On April 17, 2015 | By Julie B | Afternoons

I’ll be honest.  I couldn’t imagine having the time — or the inclination, for that matter — to document every little thing that happens in my life.

Nor do I think that anyone would care.  But I do wish I was that organized!  There are some parents out there that do it all the time, and do it really well!  I know someone whose blog was referenced by some bigwig of blogging, and she was thrilled!  I’m thrilled for her.  But I’ll admit I’ve never heard of the bigwig blogger about whom she speaks.

And I’m OK with that!  🙂

I’ll still enjoy some of these parents doing great things on social media (unless they’re on Twitter, Instagram or LinkdIn…’cause I’m not! LOL!)

The reason I can enjoy these people doing all the cool things they do is because someone took it upon themselves to create a list of:  (drum roll, please…and click here) —–> 24 of the Must-Follow, Most Awesome Parents on Social Media

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