Get growing…indoors!

Published On April 20, 2015 | By Julie B | Afternoons, Family Fun Zone

It’s true that my green thumb is a slightly pale shade.

Plants don’t immediately meet their demise in my care.  It might take 10 years for me to suck the life out of an African violet or umbrella plant.  But make no mistake:  no one gets out alive.

That said, I always think that this year, maybe I’ll start growing some seedlings indoors before the really warm weather gets here.  I never do.  But maybe this year….

Here’s a great way to do just that:  use ice cream cones!  They’re biodegradable, and if you need a snack while you’re working they’ll be pretty handy!  😉

Here’s a link to with tips for an edible garden:  Ice cream cone seedlings

Now get growing!

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