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Published On June 1, 2015 | By Julie B | Afternoons

Today’s headlines read, “Meet Caitlyn…” 

Caitlyn is the athlete-turned-reality show personality that we once knew as Bruce Jenner.  She is now living her true life she says, and while I have never been a fan of the reality show genre that IS the likes of The Kardashians, I am a fan of people being who they are meant to be.  Some might say it’s about the publicity.  I would beg to differ.   I believe that even if HE had never been part of the show, SHE would still have become who she is.

And if you think this shouldn’t be posted for children to see, then I am sorry.  For you.

We need to learn — and teach our children — acceptance.  For others.  For themselves.  Because it’s OK to be who you are.  In fact, it’s better than OK.  It should be celebrated!  THAT is the lesson Caitlyn can teach us. (And a pretty good way to explain it to the children… who, by the way, probably won’t even notice or care.)

For the Nationasl Post article and fabulous photos by Annie Leibowitz, click here:  —-> Meet Caitlyn


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