Should A Six Year Old Be Able To Change Their Name?

Published On March 8, 2017 | By mvettese | Afternoons

Yesterday we had a good chuckle over unique name day.

Today this story on Reddit has officially gone viral.

A mother has asked reddit users if she and her husband are “crazy” to consider changing their son’s name as a gift for his seventh birthday. The back story: the couple adopted their son three years ago, and he has what she calls a “rather unusual name”. She doesn’t want to share his name but she did say it’s the name of a piece of furniture.

When the couple adopted their son, they decided to keep his name because they didn’t think it would be right to change it. But since then the son has been teased about his name, and he has decided he doesn’t want to keep it. He’s currently using his middle name — Harrison.

His mom explained on reddit: “His seventh birthday is coming up and he asked if we could change his name to Harrison for his birthday present.”

What do you think, should they let him change his name?

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