You can BBQ that??

Published On July 13, 2015 | By Julie B | Middays

On the hottest days of summer, we will BBQ almost anything if it means not turning on the oven!

Things like grilled veggies are pretty standard, but some people are really adventurous with the grill!

At my house, we like pizza on the BBQ, too.  And a breakfast of bacon and eggs on the BBQ means minimal cleanup afterwards! At least, fewer pans

I have even made spaghetti on the BBQ, with a side burner to boil the noodles.

What about grilled pineapple?  Crab?  Whole fish?  Just about anything will do!

Here are some other ideas for grilling season, some you may not have thought of, from Today’s Parent:

1. French toast
Dip bread into egg mixture and grill on a sheet of buttered foil until set. Briefly flip it onto the grill to finish.

2. Bacon
Cook thick-cut slices on the grill over low heat. (Place them crosswise so they don’t fall in.) Only do six slices at a time to minimize flare-ups.

3. Halloumi cheese
Brush this firm Middle Eastern cheese with olive oil and sear it directly on the grill. Top lightly with fresh herbs for an appetizer.

4. Watermelon
Grill large cubes just until warm to add some smoky character, and then serve with feta in a salad.

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