The Joy of Work!

Published On June 29, 2015 | By Julie B | Mornings

I found a great article by Rashida Jones….the actress and daughter of Quincy Jones.

Her guide to finding happiness at work, in this month’s Wired, is awesome. (Even more awesome: she’s co-writing the script for Toy Story 4!)

It’s a lot to read but it’s broken down so you can get to it in pieces, when you have time, of course!
One part is about optimizing your time AND time of day.  It’s good to synchronize your activities with your hormone levels.  Some hormones are better suited to work and ideas in the morning; others are more helpful later in the day.  And napping is encouraged!  At work!  Are you listening, bosses?
So with that in mind, what type of person are you?  Are you more productive in the morning, afternoon or evening??
Click here —–> The Joy of Work by Rashida Jones

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