Soap scum be gone!

Published On January 9, 2017 | By Julie B | Mornings
The most popular article on in 2016 was about soap scum…or, more precisely, about how to get rid of soap scum.  And I, for one, am going to buy into the hype.  I might even almost be happy to clean the bathroom!  Almost…
Julie B.


Here’s what you need:
One cup of vinegar.
One cup of Dawn.
One spray bottle.
Glass measuring cups

Here’s how to mix it:
Heat up one cup of vinegar in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
Pour one cup of Dawn into the spray bottle.
Pour the cup of warm vinegar into the spray bottle.
Shake. Shake. Shake.
Here’s how to clean with it:
Spray the solution onto the glass while trying not to vomit at the sight of the dirty build-up while silently cursing the other people who use the shower.
Wait 10 minutes.
Spray with clear water (from another spray bottle) and start to wipe with a cloth or paper towel.
Panic, as you watch a white filmy haze appear.
Wonder what-in-the-hell you did wrong as you contemplate having to remove yet another layer of soap.
Turn on the shower.
Return one minute later to crystal clear glass.
No joke. It’s clean!


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