The opportunity you won’t know you missed…

Published On August 3, 2018 | By Julie B | Mornings

Josh Shipp is a motivational speaker with some pretty smart advice.

We often hear “Be kind, it costs you nothing…”

What we don’t hear enough of is that being unkind can cost you everything. And you may never even know it.

On the other side of that computer/phone/device is a person. A person with real feelings. The things you say/type?? They matter. They matter to that person, and they should matter to you. Your comments, your photos, your videos — they make up your life online, and it’s all there for anyone to see. ‘Anyone’ could be your future coaches, your future employers…your grandparents.

Make it a life you’re proud to be living. And one your grandma would be proud of too…

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