Is Halle Berry’s Back Tattoo REAL?

Published On March 7, 2019 | By Blackburn Radio | Daily Scoop, Entertainment News

Did Halle Berry go all Affleck on us and get a giant back tattoo?  Or is it fake?  Remember, at first we all thought Ben’s hideous Phoenix was just painted on for a movie and boy, were we wrong.

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Berry also opted for a drawing inspired by the natural world: a vine that spans the length of her spine.

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While Berry didn’t say if the tattoo was permanent or temporary her sequined outfit she was wearing. In the photo, Berry also showed off her multitasking skills, as she posed topless for whoever was taking it while casually cooking some eggs at her stove. Either way, the vine tattoo is new for Berry, who didn’t have it when she attended this year’s Golden Globes and Costume Designers Guild Awards.


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