Fox’s Renewals and Cancellations

Published On May 12, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

The shows that won’t be back on Fox next season include:   “Backstrom”, “The Following”, “Glee”, and“Mulaney”.  The shows that will include: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Empire”, “Family Guy”, and “The Simpsons”.



 Fox’s biggest cancellation was “American Idol”, even though technically there’s still going to be one more season.



The canceled shows that WON’T be back on Fox next season include:  “Backstrom”, “The Following”, “Glee”, “Gracepoint”,“Mulaney”, “Red Band Society”, “Utopia”, and “Weird Loners”.



A show called “Hieroglyph” was dumped without even a SINGLE episode airing, and “The Mindy Project” was also axed, although there’s talk of it possibly moving to Hulu.



The shows that Fox renewed include:  “Bob’s Burgers”, “Bones”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Empire”, “Family Guy”, “Gotham”,“Hell’s Kitchen”, “The Last Man on Earth” . . .



“MasterChef Junior”, “New Girl”, “The Simpsons”, “Sleepy Hollow”, and “World’s Funniest Fails”.





Fox announced their schedule for the upcoming TV season yesterday, and it includes a bunch of new shows.  Here are a few notable ones:



There’s a new horror / comedy anthology series called “Scream Queens”, which was created by the guy behind “American Horror Story” and “Glee”.



The cast includes:  Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lea Michele, with guest stars Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande.



“X-Files” is being revived as a six-episode miniseries, which will premiere in January.  Several stars, including David Duchovnyand Gillian Anderson, will be back.



Fox’s new dramas include a show based on the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report” . . . a DC Comics-inspired show called“Lucifer” . . . and the story of “Frankenstein” reimagined as a modern-day cop show.  (???)



The comedies include “Grandfathered”, a show starring John Stamos as a bachelor who finds out he’s a GRANDFATHER . . . and“The Grinder” where Rob Lowe and Fred Savage play brothers who are lawyers.



(Not two gay men who are just looking for a casual hookup.)



There’s also a new animated show called “Bordertown”.   It’s a, quote, “satirical look at the cultural shifts taking place in America.”  And they probably won’t be doing that in a TASTEFUL way, since it’s from the people behind “Family Guy”.



And Fox is following NBC’s lead by doing a live musical production of “Grease” starring Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens.



In the midst of announcing all of this, Fox executives also revealed that “24” could return again . . . but not anytime soon, because it’s still “very early” in development.



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