Watch as Paris Hilton thinks her plane is about to crash — but it’s a mean prank!

Published On June 29, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

An Egyptian prank show called “Ramez in Control” pulled a terrifying prank on PARIS HILTON . . . and it’s so extreme that it’s hard to believe it’s actually legit.

Basically, Paris was invited to go on a short plane ride to tour the

Once airborne, the plane went into a nosedive, and everyone freaked out.  At one point, a guy threw open a backdoor and jumped, dragging a passenger with him.

Someone tried to hand Paris a parachute, Shortly after that, the plane landed safely, and the host revealed the prank.

Paris Tweeted a link to the story, and said, quote, “Scariest moment of my life.  I really believed the plane was going to crash, and we were all going to die.”


(This prank is SO over the top that it’s worth questioning, but there’s nothing in the video that suggests it’s fake.  Paris’ reactions seem genuine, and she’s NOT a good actor.  But this seems like an incredibly risky prank.)

(What if Paris was hurt physically or mentally by this “near-death experience”?  How were they able to avoid being SUED by her people?  And did she sign off on having them use the footage for their show?)


Read more HERE or find the video HERE


Photo: Screen grab

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