[WATCH] Diddy falls into a hole on stage at the BET Awards

Published On June 29, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

The “BET Awards” aired last night, and the highlight was . . . DIDDY falling through a hole in the stage.  It happened during a performance marking 20 years of his Bad Boy label, and it was awesome.

The other thing that got everybody hyped was JANET JACKSON making her big return, to accept the Ultimate Icon:  Music Dance Visual Award.

One moment that people were NOT amused by was when RIHANNA put duct tape over the mouth of FLOYD MAYWEATHER . . . who was seated next to her in the audience.

Some people thought it was some kind of domestic violence joke, although if it was, I didn’t get it.  But the very fact that they sat a serial domestic abuser next to a famous domestic abuse victim is pretty uncool.  (Although Rihanna was seriously grooving to Chris Brown’s performance.)

Oh, and some people won awards, too, including this year’s Best New Artist . . . SAM SMITH.  (???)  


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Photo: DigyDaz25/youtube

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