A grown up Alfalfa freaks out the internet

Published On July 14, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa in the 1994 film version of “The Little Rascals,” released some pictures earlier this week and everyone seemingly went crazy. Everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Cosmopolitan and Twitter is discussing how Alfalfa has grown up into a sexy woodsman.

After photos of a grown up and bearded Hall went viral , he tweeted “I guess weird stuff happened this morning. Here’s another beard pic for you weirdos from buzzfeed ;]”.

The now 30 year old Hall still acts , appearing in TV shows like “CSI: Miami”. He’s also been in the made-for-TV movie “Get a Clue” with Lindsay Lohan.

You can see what he looks like now HERE

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