Jimmy Kimmel’s Cecil the Lion Plea Rakes in Over $150,000 in Donations

Published On July 30, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

JIMMY KIMMEL has created something positive out of this story.  During his emotional coverage of the lion-killing on Tuesday night, he asked that people make a donation to Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.



They’re the group that had helped turn Cecil the Lion into a pseudo-celebrity, by having him equipped with a GPS for tracking and research purposes.



And in less than 24 hours, more than 2,600 people had made donations totaling over $155,000.  (You can revisit Kimmel’s bit, here.  And here’s Glenn Beck’s ridiculous take on it, where he called Kimmel’s reaction “sad and sick.”)


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ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has a reputation as a tough guy, but even he doesn’t get why that Minnesota dentist felt the need to pay $55,000 to have some African locals lure a protected lion out of a park, so he could kill it.

Arnold Tweeted, quote, “Killing a lion isn’t ballsy.  Going into the octagon or joining the military . . . that’s ballsy.  Try that before you kill a lion.”


Also, MIA FARROW tried to make things PERSONAL.  She Tweeted out the dentist’s address, and got a lot of flack for it . . . even from people who agree that the killing was wrong.


But as it turns out, it was only the address of his dental practice, which was readily available on a simple Google search . . . not his actual home.  Mia has since deleted the Tweet, and hasn’t commented.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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