Let’s Talk About Matt Damon’s New Ponytail

Published On July 6, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

I’m not sure how you found time to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend.  Because in case you haven’t heard . . . MATT DAMON has a new PONYTAIL. (See it HERE)


He debuted it on Thursday at a press conference in Beijing, and the Internet went NUTS.  Naturally, people have some pretty strong opinions about it.


Most of his fans on Twitter seem to love it, and “Us Weekly” did a story on how he’s “hotter than ever.”


But “USA Today” posted a story about how AWFUL it looks, and dubbed it “Damon’s DEMON-tail.”  (???)


It’s not clear if it’s his real hair or extensions.  But it looks like it’s about shoulder-length, and he had pretty short hair the last time we saw him a few months ago.  So it’s probably extensions.



Also, the press conference was for a movie called “The Great Wall”, which doesn’t come out until next year.  So our guess is he’s in China shooting it, and his character has long hair.  (Check out some photos of it here.)


Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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