New Dr Seuss book in decades debuts today

Published On July 28, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

The first book from Dr. Seuss in almost 25 years is finally here.

What Pet Should I Get?’ debuts today.

Dr Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel is no longer with us but the story is said to have been penned sometime between the late 1950s and early 1960s.

While critics are quick to point out that it’s no ‘One Fish Two Fish’, it still brings back a lot of childhood memories for many.

The story is about a brother and sister who go to the pet store with permission from Mom and Dad (who are nowhere in sight) to “pick just one” pet to bring home by noon. But it’s so hard to “Make Up Your Mind”! Brother wants a dog, sister wants a cat… or a rabbit, or a bird, or a fish.

Now, of course PETA was very concerned that it would send the wrong message to young readers who don’t know what’s wrong with buying animals in stores and online etc (the book WAS afterall written decades ago when most people didn’t have a clue about puppy mills and backyard breeders).

But thankfully Random House has included an afterword suggesting that 21st-century families shouldn’t adopt from pet stores.




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