Tom Selleck accused of stealing water for Avocado ranch

Published On July 9, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

A water district in California is suing Tom Selleck, claiming he stole water from a public hydrant for use on his 60-acre avocado ranch.

California communities must cut water use by 25% as the four-year drought affecting the state continues.
the suit claims that a tanker truck filled up at a hydrant more than a dozen times. From there, is it said to have driven to the Sellecks’ ranch, and was reportedly spotted doing so as recently as March, despite cease-and-desist letters.


And the thing is, he HATES avocados.


He said in 2012 ‘Honestly, they make me gag. But it’s just as well. I’ll sell my portion.’


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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