Charlize Theron reportedly adopts another child

Published On August 4, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

She may have split up with Sean Penn, but that’s not stopping Charlize Theron from expanding her family.

Sources are reporting that the actress adopted a baby girl last month, named August.

The almost 40 year old Theron, adopted her son Jackson back in 2012, a process that she spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about.

“My mom said the most beautiful thing,” she said. “She said …’It took me nine months to fall in love with you while you were growing in my stomach.’ She’s like, ‘It took you two years to fall in love with this little baby.'”

Theron told W Magazine early this year, “I look at Jackson and I want to fight harder to stop AIDS and tell stories that shed a light on injustice. I feel like he deserves a better world. … I do know that choosing to be a mom in my late 30s has been really great for me. It’s given me perspective.”


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