Damon Wayans Says His Words Were “Twisted” After He Called Bill Cosby’s Accusers “Unrapeable”

Published On September 8, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

DAMON WAYANS defended BILL COSBY in an interview on Friday.  He played the “innocent until proven guilty” card, and said he just couldn’t believe he would’ve actually RAPED all those women . . . although he did say he probably had sex with some of them.



He seemed very serious about his position, but he was joking around a lot too . . . and that’s when he went too far.



He said, quote, “If I was [Cosby], I’d divorce my wife, ‘wink-wink,’ give her all my money, and then I’d go do a deposition.  I’d light one of them three-hour cigars.



“I’d have some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I’d just go off [with the whole truth], because I don’t believe that he was ‘raping.’



“How big is his penis [that] it gives you amnesia for 40 years?”  He laughed, then added, quote, “And some of them, really, is unrapeable, when I look at them, I go, ‘Nah, he don’t want that.’   Get out of here.”



When a co-host said the women may have been attractive 40 years ago, Damon said, quote, “No, you can tell, dude.”



He later added, quote, “If it was my daughter, then I would’ve killed Bill Cosby, but sitting back and looking at it, I just don’t believe this.  I think it’s a money hustle.”



Naturally, those comments did NOT go over well, but Damon doesn’t seem to understand why.  He Tweeted, quote, “Stop twisting my words.  Watch the entire interview before you condemn me!”



But instead of linking to the whole interview, which doesn’t help him . . . he responded to DOZENS of angry people on Twitter by posting a seven-second clip where he says, quote, “For them, my heart goes out to them.  For anybody who was raped by Bill Cosby, I’m sorry and I hope you get justice.”




(By the way, Damon also said that TRACY MORGAN got a $90 MILLION settlement from Walmart, but Tracy’s rep says that’s nonsense . . . quote, “Tracy has had no contact with Mr. Wayans since before the accident, so there’s no way he’d be able to know this, and thus [it’s] false.”)


Read more HERE or WATCH above.


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