Pope Francis to Release Pop-Rock Album ‘Wake Up!’

Published On September 28, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News


The Pope announced he’s releasing an ALBUM.  Seriously.  It’s called “Wake Up!”  And it’ll feature him delivering hymns, and excerpts of his speeches in different languages paired with with uplifting music . . .  including pop, rock, and Gregorian chants.  The album comes out November 27th, and the lead single is called “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!”  It’s Pope Francis speaking to a South Korean audience in English last year.


On Saturday, Mark Wahlberg spoke at an event called the ‘Festival of Families’ in Philadelphia, whichfeatured the Pope.  It also involved comedian Jim Gaffigan, Aretha Franklin, and 14-year-old opera singer Bobby Hill. After Bobby sang, Mark made a joke that the Pope found mildly amusing.

He said Bobby told him that his favorite movie is “Ted”, but he’s way too young to have seen that.  Then he said he hopes God has a good sense of humor about the movies he’s made.




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