Nude Photos of Justin Bieber Hit the Internet

Published On October 8, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

The paparazzi caught JUSTIN BIEBER completely NUDE during a vacation in Bora Bora . . .

He was there with a British model named Jayde Pierce, who’s supposedly his girlfriend.  And she had the decency to wear a robe . . . seeing as how they were OUTSIDE their bungalow.

(Here are some CENSORED versions, along with a picture of Jayde. )

As a woman writing this piece, people would be outraged if this were a female celebrity who was photographed unsuspectingly while under the guise of privacy.

The last time celebrity nude photos leaked, when it happened to Jennifer Lawrence, she famously spoke out against calling it anything but a crime.
So in theory, the Bieber photos should be held to the same standard. Am I right?

“Jokes aside, it’s a invasion of privacy, one that we are excusing because Justin Bieber is a dude.

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Gravity is working against me (via @camcorderapp)

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Meanwhile, JUSTIN BIEBER has lost a fan . . . and it’s someone whose bad side you really don’t want to be on:  UFC women’s champ RONDA ROUSEY.

RONDA ROUSEY isn’t a fan of JUSTIN BIEBER anymore, after he refused to take a picture with her 16-year-old sister, and almost made her cry.  Ronda says, quote, “I don’t think I’d wanna hang out with him.  I’m not a Belieber.  I was, but I’m not anymore.”


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