Prince Harry has an adorable quickfire interview with Obama

Published On December 28, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

When Prince Harry took over the Today programme on the BBC, one of his interviewees was former US president Barack Obama. We may be more accustomed to the former president discussing issues like state policy, mental health and immigration, but as part of Prince Harry’s takeover of radio programm, we were treated to subjects like Suits and boxer shorts!

Towards the end of his interview, the Prince subjected Mr Obama to a light-hearted grilling, with a quick-fire series of questions asking him to choose between two closely-related options.

Harry: White House Down or Olympus Has Fallen?
Obama: Didn’t see either of them.
Harry: You have to make a choice.
Obama: I didn’t see either, how can I make a choice?
Harry: White House Down.
Obama: Ok, I’ll take your word for it.

Harry: What do you miss most, the cinema or the bowling alley?
Obama: Cinema – we call it a movie theatre but that’s fine.

Harry: Boxers or briefs?
Obama: Sorry – we don’t answer those questions.

Harry: Lebron James or Michael Jordan?
Obama: Jordan – although I love Lebron – but I’m a Chicago guy.

Harry: Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner?
Obama: Aretha is the best.

Harry: Rachel or Monica?
Obama: I like Rachel.

Harry: Titanic or The Bodyguard?
Obama: Titanic.

Harry: Suits or the Good Wife?
Obama: Suits obviously.




Photo: You Tube


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