Lindsey Vonn’s Dog Becomes Hilarious Meme After 24-Hour Trip To South Korea

Published On February 9, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

American skier Lindsey Vonn, (she missed the Sochi Olympics because of a knee injury), has been patientlally waiting eight years to return to the Olympics and defend her gold medal. That wait was extended by six hours on Thursday, when Vonn’s flight from Munich to Seoul was delayed due to a paperwork issue.

Vonn’s Lufthansa flight was originally scheduled to depart Munich at 4pm local time but didn’t end up leaving until 6½ hours later than originally scheduled landing time.

Vonn said passengers were told that the plane needed a new document to fly.Vonn and other passengers sat on the plane for three hours in Munich before deplaning. They then boarded another plane. They were on that plane for an additional 90 minutes, she said, before finally taking off.


More interestingly , she live tweeted the whole thing.

She said that her plane had been hugely delayed, turning what is approximately a 14-hour trip into a 24-hour disaster. Though she didn’t have all the answers, she tried to explain what she did know to her followers.

“Well hopefully we get to Korea….apparently we don’t have the right documents to fly??? About 2 hours on the plane so far and just siting at the gate. Some Germans and Italians on the plane too”

She then tweeted:

“We made it!!! It took exactly 24 hours… but we are here!!”And while this would be a difficult trip by herself, she had a companion with her as well: her dog, Lucy.

The best part is Lucy has been turned into a meme now! A photo of Vonn and her dog after the pair made it to South Korea tells the tale  of Poor Lucy and she  looks a bit traumatized from the 24-hour trip to the other side of the world.



Photo: You Tube

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