Katy Perry Reveals Odd Pet Name For Orlando Bloom

Published On March 29, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Katy Perry seemingly revealed her bizarre pet name for Orlando Bloom during her concert in Japan on Tuesday.

She was on stage, in between songs. She told the audience she felt inspired and loved by them before she introduced her song “Into Me You See.”

She says:  “I feel very loved and this next song is about being so loved and so seen that you never, ever, have felt this feeling before. This feeling of love. This is called ‘Into Me You See’, for bubbadoo,”

The nickname means, “One whom you adore, such as a (male) child or husband,” according to Urban Dictionary.

Bloom made no attempts to hide that he was in Japan, sharing a selfie with the country’s famous cherry blossoms to Instagram. And reports say he was in the audiece last night

I still like John Mayer better.  Just sayin’



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