Rihanna: Snapchat Guilty Of ‘Shaming’ Domestic Violence Victims

Published On March 16, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Snapchat is in some serious hot water after they posted a recent ad that seemed to make light of Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna in 2009.  The ad was for a cellphone game called ‘Would You Rather,’ and it asked, quote, “Would you rather slap Rihanna, or punch Chris Brown?”

Rihanna layed into SnapChat and it’s poor decision to post the ad on Instagram yesterday, saying, quote, “I’d love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain’t that dumb!  You spent money to animate something that would intentionally bring shame to domestic violence victims and made a joke of it!!!”

And Rihanna’s attacked may be a big deal when it comes to SnapChat stocks. Some reports say that it was was down 3.7% yesterday, but it’s hard to say if Rihanna had anything to do with it.  Apart from that, Snapchat has got rid of the ad and apologized saying it was, quote, “approved in error, [and] it violates our advertising guidelines.”




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