Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Rumored To Honeymoon In Alberta

Published On May 29, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are heading to a spot with a royal reputation for their honeymoon, and it’s not too far from her home base  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to Alberta, Canada’s Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for their honeymoon! They will be staying at the 6,000 sq. ft. Outlook Cabin or as it’s once been dubbed, “The Royal Retreat.”  It’s considered a Canadian Paradise, tucked away in the middle of Jasper National Park, and has a rich history of royal guests from both England and Hollywood.

It has played host to queens Elizabeth and Elizabeth II, as well as Anthony Hopkins, John Travolta, Bing Crosby, and Bill Gates. Marilyn Monroe once shot a film there.

Sources say that “the resort ordered some gear and goodies it doesn’t normally keep on hand” for the royal couple to augment their stay—because simply staying in a guest house with a nearly-$7,000-per-night price tag wasn’t quite sufficient.

Meghan’s Coat of Arms was released Friday:

The shield’s blue background for the Californian Pacific Ocean, golden rays for her home state’s sunshine,  3 quills for actors’ skills of communication & power of words, golden poppies which is California’s state flower & wintersweet from UK.





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