Wait… so are Justin and Hailey married, or not????

Published On October 2, 2018 | By tessacooper | Entertainment News

New TV series idea: Keeping Up with the Bieber/Baldwin marriage.

So, are they MARRIED or NOT?

Justin Bieber made a surprise visit to his hometown of Stratford, ON where he visited his Bieber museum and introduced Hailey as his WIFE.

TMZ is saying that the two are, in fact, married and decided to lie about it. They claim it went down the same day the couple were spotted at the courthouse in NYC. Both Justin and Hailey tried requesting a prenup (he’s worth hundreds of millions whereas she’s worth mere millions), but didn’t have enough time to get the agreement drawn up and signed so quickly.

They also allegedly had a preacher on hand (Jeffrey Quinn, a member of the faculty at Nyack College near the courthouse) and a witness (Josh Mehl, a friend of Justin’s).

TMZ also says Hailey and Justin will have a ‘wedding’ with formal ceremony, but are already technically married.

So… I think we’ve caught up with the Bieber/Baldwin marriage…

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