[WATCH] Lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face after accusing homeless couple of trafficking their children..

Published On October 1, 2018 | By tessacooper | Entertainment News

Fully loaded headlines for a fully loaded story. Lindsay Lohan was in Russia where she ended up getting punched in the face by an upset mother. Lindsay was live streaming on Instagram when she decided to show the world how she could help a homeless family. She claimed they were Syrian refugees at first, and kept switching between Arabic and English through the video.

She approached them in the street, where they were receptive at first, and offered them a hotel to stay in. She then tired to lure just the kids by painting a picture of a cozy warm hotel room with a movie… when the woman said no. Lindsay continued to entice saying the woman and kids could come, but the adult male could not.

Eventually, the group (likely a family, though not sure) got up to move away from her when Lindsay continued to chase them down, accusing the parents of trafficking their children. She said the family was “ruining Arab culture by doing this.”

She then attempted to GRAB the children, which is when the woman PUNCHED Lindsay in the face. You can’t actually see her get punched, but you do see her drop the camera, then pick it up. She sobs into the camera saying how “scared” she is…

It’s VERY strange. The full version and shortened UNCENSORED versions are below:



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