The #BirdBoxChallenge Is As Stupid As You Think & It’s Trending

Published On January 3, 2019 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Bird Box is a Netflix phenomenon that has already broken records and inspired some of the funniest and best memes of the year so far!

It seems like everyone has seen “Bird Box” and Netflix is obviously is happy so many people are watching the Sandra Bullock horror flick but it has a teeny request: Don’t attempt to re-enact the film in real life.

In the movie, characters wear blindfolds to protect against an unseen force that seemingly takes over people’s vision.

For some viewers, the cinematic experience wasn’t enough, and they created ‘The Bird Box Challenge’. This involves people trying to perform everyday tasks while blindfolded, and posting them online.

Here’s what the US Netflix had to resort too…


Best case scenario, you walk into a door and get embarrassed. Worst case scenario? You could seriously hurt yourself. Stop. This. Now. Please.




Photo: You Tube

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