Marble Art

Published On March 23, 2015 | By Julie B | Family Fun Zone
If you’re stuck inside as the spring showers come down, here’s a way to make beautiful art!
The art of marbling is thought to have originated in Turkey, but here in Midwestern Ontario we’re going to give it a shot too!  It’s marble art on paper with a little help from shaving cream!
You will need:
Shaving cream
Acrylic paint
Cookie sheet or disposable aluminum pan
Popsicle stick or skewer
Card stock or sheets of water color paper
1. Cover a cookie sheet in shaving cream.
2. Drop a few colours of paint onto the shaving cream.
3. Use a craft skewer or popsicle stick to make swirls with the paint.
4. Lay a sheet of card stock on top of the shaving cream. Press gently.
5. Remove the paper. Let sit for a about a minute.
6. Scrape off the shaving cream.
7. Let the paper dry to become a masterpiece!
It’s a messy one so be sure to dress accordingly!
More pics here, with thanks from PBS Parents:  —-> Marble art

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