Published On October 15, 2015 | By Julie B | Family Fun Zone
Perhaps you haven’t heard of ghosting.  Basically, it’s about paying it forward — Hallowe’en-style!!

You and the kids can have some fun by putting together a couple of Hallowe’en baskets for your neighbours and friends.  Include some treats and decorations, a letter of explanation (seen here, and on our Facebook page) and also include a paper ghost they can hang on their door to let others know they’ve been ‘ghosted’.  And it helps people know who hasn’t been treated yet.
Then after dark and with an adult, have the kids put the bag of goodies by someone’s door, ring the bell and ruuuuuuuunn!  Don’t let them see who did it! Do this within 2 days of being ghosted and see how many ghosts fill your neighbourhood by Hallowe’en.
Remember:  Have fun and stay safe during this spooooooky season!

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