Ideal Supply Hockey Pool

The IDEAL SUPPLY HOCKEY POOL – you don’t have to be an all star to play, and you get a new chance to win each week!

That wraps up the 2016/17 Hockey pool. Congratulations to Sean McKay, he has won the grand prize from IDEAL SUPPLY


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Weekly Top Pickers

Keegan Fischer – 13 – WINNER

Murray Smith – 13
R Ladd – 13
Shawn Van Loon – 12
Paul Moos – 12
Larry Newton – 12
Kevin Eccles – 11
Scott Fry – 11
Karla Green – 11
Gord Harris – 11
Garry Grant – 11
Paul Caron – 11
Shawn Lester – 11
Doug Ward – 11
Lonnie Nawrot – 11
Doug Roulston – 11
Anna Taylor – 11
Aline Blough – 11
Randy riff – 11
Bill de vos – 11

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How to Play
You have until 7PM EST Friday to make your picks for the week. Every Monday last week’s winner will be announced and we’ll post next week’s match-ups. Weekly winners will be entered into the grand prize draw. Each weekly win counts as a ballot into the grand prize draw. Multiple weekly wins = multiple grand prize ballots.[
Official Rules / FAQ
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