Matt Vettese

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Name: Matt Vettese

Show: ONE Afternoons with Matt Vettese

Hometown: Maple, Ontario (or right across the street from Canada’s Wonderland, as most people know it).

Hero: Raffaele Esposito (The guy who invented Pizza)

Likes: Pizza, music, my cat, my girlfriend, picking on Julie B, the Habs, and the 49ers.

Dislikes: Wine (I’m a horrible Italian), people that don’t like pizza (they can’t be trusted).

Favourite Food: Uhhh, have you been reading this?…if not, it’s pizza.

Favourite Concert: How do I pick just one?! Fine…Coldplay. BUT WAIT! The Backstreet Boys, Our Lady Peace, Motley Crue, Tool, The Red Hot Chili Peppers all put on a pretty good show too.

Favourite Bands: Nirvana, Tool, The Gaslight Anthem, Our Lady Peace, Britney Spears (yes, for real).

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