Matt Vettese

Matt's What You Need To Know

Name: Matt Vettese

Show: ONE Afternoons with Matt Vettese

Hometown: Maple, Ontario (or right across the street from Canada’s Wonderland, as most people know it).

Hero: The Flash (Am I doing this right?)

Likes: Long walks on the beach (is this a dating profile? Because I have a girlfriend. I guess I like her too)

Dislikes: Walking places (unless it’s on the beach, apparently)

Favourite Food: Pineapple on pizza (haha, almost had you there…but seriously, you’re over-reacting, it’s not that bad)

Favourite Concert: Like you love your kids evenly, I’ve enjoyed every concert I’ve been to just the same. (If you tell me your favourite child, I’ll tell you my favourite concert)

Favourite Bands: Not a band, but Post Malone (Appearances aside, he makes great music)

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