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David's What You Need To Know

Name: David Jones

Show: Midday (10a-2pm) on The ONE

Hometown: A little place just west of here.

Hero: Anyone that adds to my life experience.

Likes: I like music. I like food, from this country and so many others. And I like spending time with ONE listeners each day. Playing great music and having fun each day is a pretty good gig!

Dislikes: Things that bring you down. Avoid them at all costs.

Favourite Food: If I’m cooking, I’m afraid the choices are pasta, pasta and pasta. If my wife is cooking or we’re out for dinner, literally anything works for me.

Favourite Concert: I have been lucky enough to attend many, many concerts because of my career and quite literally each one was a different experience. If you go in with a good attitude, every concert is an experience.

Favourite Bands: The list is long and distinguished, grows by the week and hopefully will continue to evolve.

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