Mae Whitman Replaced by Maika Monroe in Independence Day 2, Fans Outraged

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MAE WHITMAN played BILL PULLMAN’s daughter in the original “Independence Day”.  Since then she’s built up a decent career, with roles in“Parenthood” and “Arrested Development” . . . and voiceover work in the seven Disney Fairies movies as the voice of Tinkerbell.



She was also in “The Duff”.  She even PLAYED the DUFF . . . which stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”.  And that might be why she wasn’t even considered for the upcoming “Independence Day” sequel.



Because even though she’s actually an attractive girl, the producers went with MAIKA MONROE, a much more conventionally pretty blonde who was in the horror movie “It Follows”.



The “Hollywood Reporter” says Mae never even made the short list to reprise her role.  But producers DID look at other sexy blondes.  The character will be a love interest for LIAM HEMSWORTH.



A lot of people are uncool with this, including ANNA KENDRICK, who worked with Mae in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”.  She Tweeted, quote, “What the actual [eff]?  Mae is talented as hell, and JUST proved she can carry a film.  Smh.”




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