If Taylor Swift calls this teacher, he will cancel exams!

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Teacher Colter Pierce might have a little crush on pop star Taylor Swift.Taylor_Swift_2012

-So much so, that if his students can get her to call him he will cancel finals!

Ike Stoner a student at Skyview High School in Billings, Montana,  came up with the deal — and instructor, Colter Pierce, agreed to it. If Stoner could use the Internet to get Swift to give Pierce a call, then the students would be exempt from their exams.17926452-large

“Pretty much all semester, I’ve been talking about Taylor Swift,” Pierce said.  Student Ike Stoner admitted that the deal started out as “kind of a joke,” but has been circulating a picture of the contract — which was drawn up and signed on the classroom whiteboard — along with a photo of himself and Pierce shaking hands to seal the deal.

It has gained a ton of likes and shares on Twitter and 277,685 shares on Facebook, making it a real possibility that T Swift might call!

If it works maybe you could get Taylor Swift to call your boss and get a few days off with pay!




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