Which film has broken the record for WORST box-office opening in U.S. history??

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Ouch. How embarrassing.

The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that the FIFA-backed flick, ‘United Passions‘ is now the lowest-grossing film in US box office history.

FIFA is already involved in a massive scandal and, adding insult to injury, their movie – which they 90% funded – is a MAJOR flop.

The film which tells the story of world football’s governing body, certainly has some recognizable names – Tim Roth (as controversial outgoing president Sepp Blatter), Gérard Depardieu and Sam Neill but even they didn’t have enough star power to save it.

Last year, the Associated Press reported that the film was running at a loss of around $26.8 million.

So here’s the down and dirty of it…the movie cost about $30 million to make (apparently soccer balls are expensive) but it only managed to pull in $607 in 10 theaters on its opening weekend. We want to stress that that is NOT $607,000, but a measly $607 (which if I recall was my car payment each month).

It has now been pulled from U.S. theaters entirely. Their final 10 day take is a shameful box-office total of $918.

To be FAIR, it actually isn’t worst-grossing film of all time—the 2006 Tom Sizemore/Katherine Heigl thriller Zyzzyx Road, which made $30, retains that title—but it does make it the lowest-grossing film to actually receive limited theatrical distribution. (Zyzzyx Road played at one Texas theater, which the producers rented for $1,000.)

More HERE and oh yes, you have to watch the trailer…

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