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Where can you find that perfect cut? At McIntosh Farms, butcher shop at 167 Argyle Avenue in Listowel!

Shawn and Erin McIntosh have owned and operated McIntosh Farms just outside of Atwood, Ontario since 2012. Along with their four children, they are proud to raise 100% grass fed beef and lamb as well as pasture raised pork, chicken and duck. They are grass farmers working with animals and nature to regenerate the soil and bring you the most nutritious meat and eggs possible.

Their animals are raised in the most humane way – so you can feel good about what you are feeding yourself and your family. You’ll find their meats at the Slow Food market each Sunday in Stratford. You can also purchase or buy it prepared for you at the many restaurants and stores, and now at the McIntosh Farms Butcher Shop in Listowel.

Not only do they offer their own high quality meat and eggs, but also that of other local farmers, bringing new meaning to the term “shop local.” The meat sold at the Butcher Shop is literally farm to table! They will offer both organic and naturally raised meats and eggs, cheeses and preserves everything you need to make a delicious and healthy meal for your family.

If you’re looking for the perfect cut of meat take a trip to McIntosh Farms Butcher Shop: at 167 Argyle Avenue in Listowel!

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