By: Nick Sawicki



• Aries: You like to explore nature at high speeds! Check out a quality sports car for on-road adventure, and a used off-road vehicle for rowdier trips.

• Taurus: You like a dependable, comfortable vehicle for most of your traveling. Choose a new or used luxury car with plenty of space.

• Gemini: The Twins of the zodiac. If they’ve got the bucks, Geminis will get a big truck and a little sports car to indulge both aspects of their personalities.

• Cancer (That’s me): Homebody Cancers like familiar surroundings, so they’re happiest in an RV or a minivan, that way they can go anywhere and still be home.

• Leo: Only the best for luxury-loving Leos. Try a Porsche roadster or some other high-profile head-turner.

• Virgo: You’re practical and pride yourself on smart choices. Check out a Subaru or Volvo station wagon, where you can have safety plus compact styling.

• Libra: You love to socialize, and always have a car full of folks. Find a car or SUV with plenty of room for all your friends.

• Scorpio: The sexiest sign of the zodiac, Scorpios like to reveal their trendy personalities with the cars they drive. Find an attention-getting sports car.

• Sagittarius: An avid traveler, you need a versatile ride that can take you anywhere. Buy a rugged truck with all the extras and you’ll be happy.

• Capricorn: You’re practical and thrifty! Capricorns are happiest in a dependable car that came at a bargain price, so you probably already drive an ordinary used car in a plain color.

• Aquarius: Always looking toward the future, you’re attracted to wild colors and high-tech design. Your car will be sleek, in an eye-grabbing purple or turquoise shade.

• Pisces: You like a steady car with a smooth, smooth ride. A typical Pisces won’t go for the flashy car.


Forget about what vehicle you should drive based on your sign. Where should you travel based on your sign? This one’s more interesting to me.


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