Celebrity Status – Super Bowl Ads, Lindsay’s Latest, And Hair Like Bey

By: Julie B



For Thursday, February 8th:

The new Uber Eats ad for the Super Bowl wants you not to forget that you can get more than just food with the delivery service… and it employs a stacked cast to help. Jennifer Aniston forgets she ever met David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll forgets he has tattoos and the Beckhams forget what Victoria’s girl group was called. Even Usher can’t remember that he was asked to do the half time show.

Faith and begorrah! Lindsay Lohan‘s new rom-com is called ‘Irish Wish’. It’s set at a wedding in Ireland, where she magically wakes up as the bride! Her co-star is Ed Speleers whose credits include You and Downton Abbey. Look for it on Netflix March 15th…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

On Netflix today it’s the series debut of ‘One Day’, previously a book and a movie starring Anne Hathaway, about friendship and more across two decades. And it’s the season finale of ‘On the Roam’ with Jason Momoa on Max.

In other headlines… this week, Meghan Trainor talked to Glamour about motherhood and doing the e.l.f. Cosmetics commercial for the Super Bowl with another stacked cast – Judge Judy, the cast of ‘Suits’ and more.

Beyoncé officially announced her hair care brand name: Cécred (pronounced like “sacred.”) Her hair care line will be available February 20th

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