Celebrity Status – Conan, Orlando, The Beckhams, And Big Money

By: Julie B



For Thursday, April 18th:

Hugh Grant says he received “an enormous sum of money” to settle a lawsuit in which he accused The Sun tabloid of unlawfully tapping his phone, bugging his car and breaking into his home to snoop on him. He says he settled because even if every allegation were proven in court, he would still be liable for something like 10 million pounds ($12.4 million) in legal fees.

R&B and hip-hop are working on perhaps their biggest collaboration yet. Ashanti and Nelly are engaged and expecting a baby! They rekindled their romance last year after breaking up in 2013. This will be Ashanti’s first child, and Nelly’s fifth.

The new travel series ‘Conan O’Brien Must Go’ debuts on Max today… and not to be outdone, it’s the debut of the docuseries ‘Orlando Bloom: To the Edge’ on Peacock. He undertakes three extreme sports — wingsuiting, free diving and rock climbing — to push himself — you guessed it — to the edge.

In other headlines, Mariska Hargitay halted filming of an episode of Law and Order: SVU this week for a lost child who thought she was a real police officer.

And David Beckham paid tribute to his wife Victoria yesterday on her 50th birthday. Yes, Posh Spice is half a century young.

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