Celebrity Status – Secret Wedding, Billionaires, And Celeb Relatives

By: Julie B



For Wednesday, April 3rd:

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy has confirmed that she secretly married musician Malcolm McRae on April Fool’s Day… two years ago. She posted pics this week of her New Orleans wedding on her Instagram.

Fans of Claire Danes will be happy to hear that she has signed on to star in a limited series on Netflix called ‘The Beast in Me’. She will portray author Aggie Wiggs, who is struggling after the death of her son. When a real estate mogul with a dark past moves in next door, Aggie becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth about him.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just bought a $90 million mansion on South Florida’s exclusive Indian Creek island. He plans to live in this one while he tears down the other two he bought there.

In other headlines… The show ‘Finding Your Roots’ revealed this week that Michael Douglas and Scarlett Johansson are distantly related on her mother’s side. Also distant cousins?… Lena Dunham and Larry David.

Also, Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for season 21!

And Taylor Swift’s Billionaire status is now Forbes-Official. Fun fact: She is the first and — so far — the only musician to attain this status “strictly off of earnings from her music and performances” without adding makeup, fragrance or clothing lines into the mix.

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